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With m5d.net, you can convert your jpg images into webp images in seconds. The size of the image files you convert is reduced. The first step in speed optimization is to use next-generation imagery. In this way, your sites will get faster opening scores.

PNG TO WEBP Converter

Supports conversion of png image files to webp extensions with m5d.net. You can easily perform PNG to Webp operations without any limit. You can get better rankings by making your site user-friendly.

GIF TO WEBP Converter

Files with the Gif extension are the files with the largest size due to their animated structure. This causes it to boot slowly when loaded. The first step to prevent this is to convert the gif file to webp format. Your uploaded image will open faster.

WebP Converter

Many tools are used to convert jpg files to webp extensions. But most of these converters are paid. Or it has a daily usage limit. For unlimited jpg webp conversion, md5.net is with you. Although the png extension is lighter in size and useful than the jpg extension, it is not as valid as .webp. You can make your image files respond faster by using a png webp converter. Thus, you have completed an important article in terms of SEO. When you measure your speed score, Google first looks at which extension the images are loaded with. This is because of the amount of file size and how long it takes to respond to the user. Gif extensions work very slowly. That's why you need to convert it to gif webp. The webp extension takes up much less space than other image extensions. The opening speed is very fast compared to extensions such as jpeg or png. Our system accepts all image files. You can convert image extensions such as jpg, png, gif to webp format. When you use the pagespeed speed measurement tool published by Google, "Publish your images in a new generation format." You may see an error. The only solution to get rid of this error is to convert the photos you have uploaded to your site to webp format. Therefore, converting image files to webp extension provides a serious increase in your site's speed score. For this reason, most of the new generation sites use images with webp extension. For JPG size reduction, it is enough to translate the extension of your file. In this way, the size of your image file is reduced without the need for JPG shrinkage. It does not save the image files you have translated in any way. The files you have uploaded are not kept on our server.